Hey there, lovelies! My name is Christina and I'm an addict (imagine me raising my hand sheepishly and covering my eyes with the other). I've got an illness that is completely incurable and they don't make a medication for it. I've been battling this insufferable urge to do the thing I can't get enough of. What is it you ask? Wellll...I can tell myself no about a lot of things you guys, but there's this little boutique here in our thriving little town of Covington, GA and they JUST KEEP SELLING ALL OF THE THINGS I NEED. Peachy Keen is the home of the majority of the attire in both mine and my daughter's closets. Every accessory we currently own comes from their handmade assortment of super original pieces. I'm totally obsessed with Peachy Keen and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Honestly, it isn't just the products that I am fixated on. I am a repeat customer for reasons that have nothing to do with the unique jewels they make that I consistently receive compliments on or the trendy additions to my wardrobe (both are totally fabulous however). I remain loyal to the brand because they are ALL about contributing to our local economy not just by being business owners, but by always doing whatever they can to promote other businesses and entrepreneurs in the community and beyond. Not only that, but they share my passion for being a positive voice to other women. They are always doing what they can to be uplifting to their female counterparts by encouraging them to achieve their goals and providing assistance wherever they can. You can for sure expect shoutouts and referrals supporting the dreams and ambitions of other women who are trying to become successful in the marketplace.

We live in a time where business minded females are grinding and thriving. We have unlimited opportunity to lift each other up while fostering healthy relationships with each other. Girl Power is at an ultimate high, but we can only be amazing as how we treat others. No matter how successful we are, if we aren’t paying it forward and helping to pave the way for other women, we aren’t putting our best foot forward. Society and culture are always at work to pit us against each other. We don’t have to contribute to doing the dirty work for them.

Let’s propel each other forward instead of holding each other back.

Until next time, stay peachy my friends!

-Christina Henry